Align control points


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Hi Vladimir - hmmm- I need to think a bit about that - I’m not sure I am picturing what the ‘rules’ would be - can you post a file with point objects in the start and finish locations, or the start and end surfaces?



Let me try to explain with this>

Using the wonderful tool you made for alignment I can planarize 1 by 1 row like so>

but what if I wanted to planarize all 3 while keeping the distance I already set between the rows >

The rule could be that the distance between the rows stays the same and only the angle is applied on a row by row basis. No matter how many rows you select.

Would it be possible?

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Hi Vladimir - so, if I understand, which I may not, one row (row A, say) of points would go to the reference plane as now, and the corresponding points in neighboring rows (B and C, say) would find locations in parallel planes, maintaining the distance in the reference plane normal direction that these had from the the points in Row A… ?

if that is right, it might be possible, or at least more likely to work cleanly in the near term, if the process takes two selections, is my current thought - the points that go to the plane and the ones that move ‘with’ them as a separate selection. It’s all book keeping…

@Vladimir_Aleksic - you’ll need to remind me about this - it’s not a ‘quick fix’, I don’t think, and I am not likely to be able to get to it right away, and then I’ll almost certainly forget, if my history is anything to go by…



spot on.

Even as a separate selection it would still be faster than doing it one by one.

*Haha, no worries, when you can and if it’s possible.



One more idea:

1 axis closest point interpolation not on a straight line but on a curve.

Right now you would this with: 1: curve through control points 2: draw new curve 3. planarize both curves in desired ortho view 4. flow the control points from old planarized curve to new curve in one of the ortho views

If you could have a tool that does : select points - draw curve by placing points in ortho view - go

and preserve distance option included for multiple rows :smiley:

There is already a curve option in your original tool but it doesn’t have the planar option and it would be cooler if you could draw the curve on the fly for testing/tryout purposes.


Also maybe the easier way to solve the distance problem programmatically>

  1. save the last curve drawn(or the last angle drawn for the first command)

  2. apply just the distribution of the points (according to the saved curve or angle ) at the points location.

(not apply the distribution of the points and move the points to the input curve location) as it is now.