Align and Array

I’d like to be able to place a copy of an object at some point and make an array of multiples that are aligned to and evenly spaced from it. I’d also like to be able to place two objects a desired distance apart and then align and evenly space a number of copies between the two. Is this possible yet in MacR? I was looking at some discussiions that took place some years back.

the first one is possible with ArrayLinear . (iiuc)

the second one needs a script… a simple one is available here:

Array Along Curve (within curve)

This is something I have come across as well. It would be nice if the Array and ArrayLinear commands had an option to specify the total distance, rather than just the inter-object distance. It would allow you to snap your cursor to an already defined point to create your array. Right now, for a one direction array you will have to create a straight line first, then use ArrayCrv. And for a multi-dimensional array you have to start calculating or dream up a workaround. (Creating an array of points and scaling it as desired, then use the nearest point to the base point to define your array of objects)


That’s a very nice script Jeff. I’ve a request however:

Suppose I’ve an object placed 2 mm from the left edge of a surface and I want to array evenly across that surface so the last arrayed object will be 2mm from the right edge. In other words, can I place an array that will be evenly divided between the left and right sides of the space to be filled.