Needs some macro education

so can someone give me a quick rundown on keyboard macros. for instance, i go into options/keyboard and i see all the macros listed. why do some macros have an “!”, some have and underscore some have a dash before the command. i have entered some macros and i see no function difference with these modifiers in place and without. just looking for someone to give me a quick explanation of these modifiers, functions and maybe proper formatting of commands. also one other question, i made a macro so i can hit f4 and the popup window comes up. it works and all is great but the window appears pre-docked on the screen rather than like with the mouse where its temporary and you need to drag it away to dock it. anyone know to make it work more like with the mouse where its temporary?

Hi Jim - see|_____1


thanks for that pascal. very helpful. everything i wanted to know.

as for the popup menu with my f4 key. is there a way to make that show as a non docked version just like you were hitting the middle mouse button?

Hi Jim - what window are you popping up- can you post the macro?


hi pascal,

here is the macro. it just pops up the default popup window same as with mmb.

!-showtoolbar default.popup

in a nutshell, what I am doing here is giving f4 the popup toolbar command and since my mouse has no middle mouse button function and I cant assign that function to any of the buttons what I can do is apply a f4 keystroke to one of the buttons to activate the popup. like I said though, with that macro it appears pre-docked so I have to close the window after each time I use it. its ok if I have no other option but I would rather it just popup then disappear and have the normal functionality.

just to followup on this in case anyone else needs the info. i did get this working the way i wanted using a different command. the macro is actually not what i had listed, its…

!-PopupToolbar popup

Hi Jim - you need a space after the ! for it to work ( though for this one I’d leave out ! anyway, since you probably want the macro to be nestable and not kill the running command.)


Ahh thanks pascal, good catch!