Help with input curves

Hi there everybody!
My name is Oscar, this is my first post on rhino Forum.
I’m here today to ask you guys for advise since im trying to model my first car in Rhino.
These are the input curves i’ve managed to draw this far.
Is there any tip/help/recomendation you can give me or al least put me in the right direction?
What should be the next curve i draw?

Im really strugguling with the front/rear of the car. (Dodge Challenger SRT 2021)

Hope you guys can help me. thanks!

Hi Oscar - a car is a complicated and challenging thing to model - if you are relatively new to Rhino or surface modeling I suggest spending some quality time here:

In particular the level 2 training material linked there.


Once you’ve done the Level 2 training that Pascal recommended, you might want to check out this:

This was done back in the Rhino 4 days, but it is, to my mind, still the absolute best reference on the subject.

Im actually on level 2 manual at the moment.
Thank you all for the reply!