.AI file to Indesign error

Hi there. :slight_smile:

I’m using Rhino version image
and am having an issue when exporting as an AI file and directly importing to InDesign 2020.
You can see the error from InDesign here
If I press yes, a grey box with no content appears.

The workaround is to open it in Illustrator first, then resave as a new file, then import.
Is there a workaround to be able to go straight from Rhino>.AI file>InDesign?

Love Rhino to bits.

The problem is that the AI file that Rhino creates it’s very old, and it doesn’t contain any PDF inside, so Indesign can not read it. If you want to go straight from Rhino to Indesign then create a PDF instead of an AI file.

Yep… That’s what I thought regarding the old version of the AI file.
Wondering if it’s possible to update the export option for the AI file, because exporting as PDF is not the same. Exporting as AI keeps the exact structure and layer structure of the rhino curves which seems to be important for very heavy files. Maybe I’m wrong here, but I believe that the curves in the outputted PDF are not the same as an AI file.

Hi -

The current versions of Rhino 6 and 7 will export the layer structure to the PDF format. You need to make sure that you use the Rhino PDF writer for this to work.

If you have an example of this issue, please post a 3dm file.

Hi Wim, thanks for your info.
Is there a difference between Print>save as rhino pdf (vector) and save as>pdf>same resolution?
I will try to test this out.

Hi Jeremy - that should be the same.