2D physics simulation like kangaroo physics

Hi everyone, I am working on a script that will generate shapes similar to that of rising bread. Right now, I am using kangaroo to simulate a series of mesh spheres, inflating and colliding with one another. This produces a result similar to what I’m looking for, but the script is very slow, and has other issues due to using meshes (makes it look messy). I am currently extracting 2D shapes from the 3D simulation, I am wondering if it is possible to do the same sort of simulation but with 2D curves, which would be faster, easier, and better.

I have looked briefly at using other programs like Houdini or even unity. Is that a better option?

softshell_Yeast.gh (88.9 KB)

Hi @zcomstock

Yes, this is possible in Kangaroo - the issue is the way you are doing the collision with meshes. Have a look at this example for collisions between deformable 2d curves.


thank you, this looks exactly like what I was looking for. Is it possible to add forces acting on the curves or points in kangaroo? I am thinking about ways I can incorporate the inflation aspect of my idea.

Yes - there’s an area multiplier slider in that definition you can use to vary the pressure.


oh I guess I just had to look a little closer. Thanks for the help!