Advice to a student :)


Hello to all! I am a student of engineering and I have to make an examination for the prototype of a component that was assigned to me with the Rhino software. The choice is between functional prototype, conceptual prototype, model for lost wax casting or to make silicone molds or mold and counter mold to achieve the piece assigned. I accept any kind of advice, and I thank you in advance!
The component is this piece Energizer:

(Brian James) #2

Hi Sabrina,

If you’re asking about what type of project to undertake in Rhino, I’d say go with a conceptual prototype first. There are several parts shown here which would all have different tooling with some parts likely requiring side actions in the mold. I’d suggest you start by modeling the design while measuring the actual product for reference if possible and then use those surfaces for the tool design. If you get that far with the assignment, you’ll begin approaching a functional prototype.