Software Evaluation

I’m trying to figure out which license to buy, but I notice that the budget does not exceed 1600 euros. : Ymhug:

My goal is:

A good surfaces (for model aircraft)
B-implement the internal structures
C-simulate the rotation joints to check possible collisions or interference
D-BOM divided to create for material ( material in BOM, 2D perimeter of the piece to be milled, the cost of wood and milling, …)
E-create a documentation of assembling the kit that is attractive, clean, clear, detailed, …

and software, at this moments seen, on its website are:

1 - Rhino currently downloaded in trial version, valid for the surfaces it seems limited to help at point A and B
2 - Inventor Light, which would give me what is shown on … e-products:
inventor could meet with the points B, E, A maybe … but A is very important and I do not know how it behaves.

With Rhino I could make this on my forum ?
Should I buy plugins and plugins and plugins… ??

What do you think?

Option 1) A - Model in Rhino, as the surface modelling is far, far better than similarly priced packages around. If you are looking for Class A surfaces then a plug-in will be required.
Option 2) A - Develop a parametric approach to your modelling in Grasshopper of the plane where any parameters such as wingspan and fuselage length are variable.

From this point on I would move to Grasshopper - a Free Plug-in to Rhino for algorithmic modelling (you would need a valid license of Rhino)

B - Reference the Plane as a BRep and do some intersections to get the Frames etc
C - Simple programming in GH using a visual flow diagram approach will allow you to rotate geometry and check for collisions
D & E - given the right approach this is feasible in GH, but you would have to come up with the logic and layout etc

The beauty about using Grasshopper is that the majority of your time will be spent making it work for one model but once this is achieved then a fraction of the time will be spent on others as all the work is done.

I know well catia v5, but I do not understand the usefulness of GH, it seems to me an absurd complication. Can you help me understand?
How can it help in the design of aircraft, in the BOM, technical documentation, …
I do not want to study all my life to make a rc model.

I’ll get hold of a plane model and try and put something together to show you some advantages. I was assuming that you are intending to do this for multiple models but if not then it might not be advantageous to go to the full GH method.

Thanks, more and more models…

news Danny?

apologies. I downloaded a mesh of a plane and started putting something together and then had to go away on business… never returning to your question. If I get a chance I will finish it today.

ok ok no problem danny, tnks… I wait…:slight_smile: