How much would you charge to check my work for errors and machinability?

Before starting a Kickstarter campaign to finance the construction and test of my first prototype I will need the help of someone experienced in Rhino and generation of g code to check my work.

The project is a scale model ducted fan VTOL proof-of-concept prototype slightly over 2 ft in diameter.

My main concerns are errors on my part, concentricity and machinability.

A properly executed NDA will be required before I can share the files with you for your review.

If this is something you might like to be involved with, please let me know.

Thank you,


I have RhinoCAM 2017 Mill Professional with 4-axis capability that I could use to evaluate your part. I am a retired engineer (PhD from UC Berkeley) and do not need additional income so I could do the work for free. I am fairly new to Rhino and RhinoCAM but have spent 100’s of hours writing scripts in Rhino to create parts and run them through RhinoCAM to ensure machinability. I have a full maintenance license for RhinoCAM 2017 and know their technical consultant Uday quite well. I have reported over a half dozen bugs in RhinoCAM which Uday has logged for fixing. Thus I think I could do a reasonable job of evaluating your part. If it is outside of my scope, I will let you know right away.

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I was gonna reply until I saw Terry Chappell’s response, so I guess you got it covered. Can’t beat free labour.

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Thank you Terry.
I’ve sent you a Private Message.
Warm regards.


Thank you siemen
It never hurts to have a plan B.
I’ll send you a Private Message.

Warm regards.


And if you need a plan C I could add my 2 cents as well and for free

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Awesome! Thank you.