Rhino for Rapid Prototyping workshop in London

Rhino for Rapid Prototyping
FabLab London, UK
May 30-31

Bryan Oknyansky has organized a 2-day workshop on Rapid Prototyping.

This course will teach you how to incorporate the various requirements of different prototyping technologies into your design process in Rhino. Learn simple tasks like analyzing the prototyping health of your model to more complex tasks like designing support structures and nesting 3-D parts for cost-effective prototyping. This two-day course will show you an advanced side of Rhino that bridges the gap from what you see on screen to holding it in your hands (if the prototype fits in them!)

Whatever you plan to prototype, Bryan will teach you how to:

  • orient models for prototyping with 3-D printers and CNC machines
  • analyze model properties to increase chances of prototyping success the first time
  • import vendor templates to organize model parts for export
  • export your model parts in various file types
  • use Rhino’s mesh tools to optimize parts for production

Complete details and registration…

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Posted Feb 11, 2016 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.