Grasshopper: How to make the loft surface clean

Hi, I am a beginner grasshopper user. I’m trying to make the loft surfaces clean to make lunchbox panel. I don’t know if it’s about the control points of the curves or lofting process. Will appreciate if someone helps me with this problem. Thank you in advance (11.2 KB)
Help.3dm (18.7 MB)

You might want to use a Fit Curve component to rebuild degree 3 curves for lofting. However, your curves vary in length and I’m afraid your panels will always be sort of squewed. I’m not using lunchbox so I can’t help you.

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Thank you for your response! I tried Fit Curve changing the degree in all ranges it doesn’t work out. that’s the point, the curves vary in length, I tried evaluate curve component to make the seam points but they aren’t closed curves; don’t know how to use the function like seam points in open curves. any idea

An open curve has a start and different end point, there’s no seam you can adjust.