Advance option some changes are not kept between Beta builds

I just noticed that a change to default In Advance
[I change this one to True *Rhino.Options.SpaceBall.RotateParallelView*]
were not kept between beta builds… not sure which.

I’ll try to remember to check after the next build whether it is sill reverting to default .

  • I really like this one [rotating without perspective] I wish there was a toggle for this to set a hot key to.

thanks a lot

this should work, if added to a button:

_Noecho -_RunPythonScript (
import Rhino
settings = Rhino.PlugIns.PlugIn.GetPluginSettings(Rhino.RhinoApp.CurrentRhinoId, False)
s = settings.GetChild("Options").GetChild("SpaceBall")
s.SetBool("RotateParallelView", not s.GetBool("RotateParallelView"))

Thank you @Gijs

I received help with a similar working scrip from @Tom_P on another thread where I asked for this directly.
apology for the [unintentional duplicate reference]
*it was just one Beta build that didn’t remember the setting, later Betas did not forget.

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