Adjusting tension of blend curve/surface after creation?

Blend curves/surfaces are the life blood of much of modern surfacing…

But is it possible to tweak the tension of them after creation?

I ask, since I sometimes end up with this, and it would be nice to be able to tighten it while retaining history:

Especially since creating a new one from the same source geometry, generates this:

And I don’t see a tension slider for the curve in that dialog, but the surface has one:

(Coming from Alias, I’m used to something called the “query” tool, which essentially brings up the dialog you saw upon the creation of whatever you selected, and enables you to adjust it without breaking history.)

Hello - drag directly on the handles to adjust. Shift down makes the adjustment to both ends of the curve. Use History to be able to adjust later.(Edit option)


Hmm. I must be missing something then, because if I drag on a control point, I get “this will break history” warning (and I always have record history on).

Hello - use the Edit option on BlendCrv to get access to the controls of blends made with History.


That was it, thank you!

(Any particular reason why BlendCrv doesn’t have the tension sliders from BlendSrf? Seems a bit inconsistent…)

Hello - BlendSrf can have many handles, all over the place, and the sliders let you affect them all - BlendCrv just has one set of handles. I assume that was the thinking, way back then.