Additional object snap: "Gumball"

Could we please have an additional object snap option “Gumball”, please?

…so that an object’s Gumball location can be used as a snap target, somewhat similar to ‘Center’.


Thanks a lot!

can you give some more detail about this idea?

Would being able to drop a point at gumball location do the same thing?

Hello! Ah, yes, but how would I drop a point at Gumball location without being able to snap to the Gumball location?
Maybe I miss something, but I had numerous cases where I wanted to put something at an object’s GB, but could not. Can’t explain better.

atm you can’t, but I’m asking if we could say for instance, mark gumball location with a point would that serve your purposes?

I believe there would be a technical limitation snapping an object to the gumball as the gumball would move in relationship to the gumball, but, it may be possible to mark the gumball location with a point that would allow you to then use that point as a transform anchor point.

Thanks, Kyle! Putting a point where the Gumball is would of course help, although it would feel a bit ‘workaroundish’.

I just noticed that the ‘Distance’ tool already can snap to the Gumball, like I meant! However, other tools like ‘Line’ cannot. Maybe it’s an easier fix than thought.

Hi Eugen -

I’m not seeing that here. Perhaps you are snapping to a center that corresponds with the location of the gumball?

At any rate, I put the feature request on the list as RH-65895. If you ask me, this makes most sense as a point snap and not another new snap. But it does require that the gumball remains visible when creating new geometry - I don’t know if that gets in the way for people…

Oh, you are right… it was a point snap the Distance tool reacted to.
However, since Distance is a command that can be embedded, the Gumball remains shown →

How to deal with that… maybe some unobtrusive dot can be shown where the object Gumballs are. Optional, of course. Dunno… can’t know the technicalities.