Additional content for Physically Based rendering and additional environments

Hello all,
So far, Im really enjoying Rhino V7 and in an effort to explore more Im wondering what the process is to add more textures for the Physically based rendering option in the materials section. I found extra texture through but am lacking in the knowledge of how to load them?

Additionally, is there a way to add additional environments too?



You can drag and drop textures into a Rhino viewport to make materials and environments from them or use the Materials or Environments panels to make new materials/environments and add textures to them. With the physically based material in Rhino 7, you can also drag and drop a Zip folder with textures for a PBR into Rhino and make a PBR from them automatically. Rhino does a best guess on the texture names to load them in the right spots but you can edit that too on import.

Here’s a webinar on working with materials in Rhino 7 that may help too…

Hi Brian,

Thanks very much for the help!