Adding texture to and distorting surfaces

I am very new to Rhino (and very basic skills) I am an artist and I want to create a model which I can then produce bronzes using the lost wax process. I attach a photo of an Item run bronze that I want to produce a model off where I can change the words. TheItem is 12 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick.

Hello - no image shows up here - but, what, exactly, is your question?



I am a artist new to Rhino, with little skill, i want to create a model for creating bronzes, but I need to add surface texture, such as leather, to the form and deform the model to make it look more organic, the piece is 12 cm in circumference and 2 cm thick at the centre curving to 2 mm at the edge. I need to add text also.

I attach a photo of a Bronze I made which I wish to replicate but with different text.


As far as i know you can’t make texture that way in Rhino5 (Mac) and export it as a physical model. But i can be wrong and maybe it have changes in Rhino 6-7.

I think this is what you are looking for, but again don’t think it worked on r5 mac.

Do you know a of a platform that can do this.


Blender is pretty good at converting Material Displacement to a Mesh.

But again, wait a bit. There might be other people here that can help get Rhino to do it. it’s not a function i really use on Rhino so its possible im looking at it wrong.

Hi Doug - see the level1 training material for an exercise that shows exactly this.

This is Illustrated on Windows Rhino in the lesson but the general workflow is the same.


Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

I haven’t used Blender, but as it’s free I’ll download. Thanks.