Adding Fillet Edge to a set of breps

I am new to grasshopper and I am struggling with the Fillet Edge component.

I have a series of 10 cups that are breps. I want to give them increasing fillets (i.e. the first cup has a radius of 2 mm, the second one 4 mm etc.)

My problem is that i can only figure out how to apply the same radius to all of them.

Would someone be able to tell me what I could do?

Leo (20.2 KB)


if I understand you correctly, would something like this work for you? (17.3 KB)

Thanks a lot, that’s exactly what I needed!

I have one more question. I now want to fillet the vertical edges and the bottom corners, also with an increasing fillet size. How would you do that?
Or is there a way to do it with the first fillet compound?

Solved it already. In case anybody reads this, what I did was to fillet the vertical edges first and then fillet all the bottom edges. It didn’t work the other way around.

You can use a single Fillet Edge component if you supply the correct list of edge indices, which this white group does. They are all identical in this case. It gets more complicated if the vertical edges use a different radius than the bottom edges.

This uses the code posted by @fcegnam: (21.4 KB)