Adding cuts with the Grasshopper-Tekla link


I am having a problem at the moment with the cutting of my elements. As you can see on the picture there is a Wall which is located above 2 floors and a beam. I want to cut the profile of the wall to the top of the floors and beam, but the floors and beam all have a different angle.

If I use the ‘Part Cut’ option in the Tekla live-link plugin the wall will be disappeared. If I use the ‘Plane Cut’ the wall will be cutten on just 1 plane (and as you can see i have 3 different planes to use).

Unfortunately there is no option to use the polygon cut in Tekla with the Live-link plugin.

Is there another plug-in or an option to cut the panel with the 3 objects?


Mostly I use geometry gym for tekla export. Cutting with multiple planes is no problem there. Can’t try the live link right now, but also multiple plane cuts shouldn’t be a problem. Is your tree structure correct?

Tekla live link, 3 plane cuts on a panel. I assume you have a data structure problem.

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Hello Tim,

When I have a structure like this in tekla:

It works perfectly, but when the slope next to it is in the same direction but steeper or flatter like this:
It doesn’t work any more.

I have downloaded the ggRhino6Tekla2018iv1.4.07.msi for tekla but i don’t see any command to polygon cut.

Yep ofc, if it’s concave, the plane will cut threw everything. Part cut works for me fine aswell.

Can you upload your gh script? With internalized data and reduced size? (How to ask effective questions)

Create the polygon for the cut in Rhino/Gh. Create a plate with the polygon. Cut the wall with the plate for example.

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Thanks for the help, I thought that a polygon cut in grasshopper to tekla was possible, but i will now create a part and then delete the part. It seems it’s the only possible way.

Thanks again

It is possible as you see in my picture. Create something from your polygon. For example a plate. And use this plate for part cut on your wall.

Yeah it is, but basically a detour :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the help

Has pro’s and con’s that tekla handels walls as “beam” and not as a contour.

But depends on the project. If you have 2 walls to cut, its maybe faster inside Tekla. If you have 2000 to cut, it’s faster if you script it. At least we are using Tekla just for steel structure, which is perfect.

Schöne Grüße aus Stuttgart :slight_smile: