Filtering of openings GHTS

Is that possible filtering of cuts or openings in Grasshopper by Name (as example)?
I got Children from wall like Boolean Part and I try to add rebar only to opening #2. I do not idea how I can filter these openings to add rebar only to specific one.
How is possible filter it and get as a object to next work only with it?

Hi Arkan,

Yes it is possible, Use the Get Property Component on the Boolean Parts to extract Name, Class etc…


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Ok, I see, thank you!
But how can I choose only DOOR opening?

I can explain what I mean and want. I have done it by other way. I choose exactly Boolean Part in Tekla by Tekla’s Filter. In Tekla’s filter I choose only cuts with name DOOR. Then I get fathers of them in order to add rebars attach to Part as we usually do it in Tekla (otherwise rebars won’t be attached to part).

So, how can I choose part in Tekla manually by Model Object in Grassgopper and then get from them only openings and only with name DOOR? I have issue with yellow part at the picture

I think you’re just missing the part input in the rebar component. Grab the panel from the father part component.

it’s connected, just hidden

Ok, then I would suggest that you flatten the Shape inputs and also run a repeat/duplicate component to match the number of Parts to the number of shapes 1:1

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Thank you for helping!
I solved the issue :handshake:

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