Add offset for creating thickness


I’m trying to add a layer so I can generate some thickness for when I go to 3d-print my part. So far I have offset the surface inwards and then split the object into two parts. I then filled the difference between the inner and outer layer with a extrude srf command and then trimmed it down to the outer layer. Now what I’m confused about is whether this is enough to generate thickness for 3d printing.

Is there a better method out there to generate thickness?

I’ve attached my part below. Base Polar-Combined.3dm (17.4 MB)

is a tricky model to solve that kind of operations, the process seems to be ok but the model is a mess of open and flipped surfaces. if the idea is to optimize the printing, I suggest you better configure a proper G-code with a lower infill value and maybe 3 or 4 peripheral layers instead of trying to make this model hollow.
there are several software which can handle stl better, meshmixer for example, is free, easy to use and focused in 3dprinting. and also have powerful tools to solve this in few clicks.

Hi Diego,

Thank you for your response! My reason for making this model hollow is to embed some led’s into it.
Do you have any recommendation on how I should go about it in meshmixer? Should I just cut the bear in half and then add thickness through meshmixer?

just play with the soft for a while and you will find the solution that suits your needs.

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Thank you for your help Diego!