How to create a polysurface with thickness

Hello. I was trying to get my polysurface into a thin layer in order to 3d-print it. However it seems no matter how I manupulate it it just won’t give me a nice solid thin layer. I have tried OffsetSrf which gave me something hollow inside, and ExtrudeSrf which basically break my polysurface extrusion into hundreds of seperate units and I can’t BooleanUnion them. I am very new to Rhino, so any suggestion would be helpful. Thank you.Ask for help.3dm (1.1 MB)

Um, I think you are going to need some hands-on on that. The razor-sharp twisted interior planes likely cannot be automatically extruded without closing the gap because the result would interfere/intrude upon itself, creating an invalid non-manifold result.

I would start with the with what I understand as the side and front edges and extrude those down, make their bottoms flat, figure out what you want to do with the top, and build smooth patches or planes, or if all you need is the outside face, then create a simple corner of a box to enclose it, and/or worry about hollowing it out after, or use less 3D print fill.

Some slicers may or may not be able to thicken it, if it were triangles, but the sharp edges will likely trip it up.

There are a few interior naked edges, which need to be fixed, which after selecting the object, can be revealed with:

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Hello - as long as there are no open edges or self-intersections, the ‘hollow’ offset should be just fine for 3d pritning. In Rhino a closed object (like a box) is a ‘solid’.