Wish: Linked & Embedded Inputs

Similar to the Blocks in Rhino and many other programs.

Some mockup I made

1. Linked input

One object from the document could be used as an input for many VA GH Style Objects. Moving the VA Object would not move the curve of course.

You can think about it this way: You have many rectangle windows which number or sizes can change, but all of them are affected by one external curve, which splits the glass into two pieces on every window it crosses.

2. Embedded input

There is VA Object and a Curve input. Curve at the start can be Linked, but when you Embed it, then it is „internalized” (as in Grasshopper) and moves with and controls given VA Element.

You can still access this internalized Curve and modify it – it can work sort of like a widget.

Referencing this internalized curve by other objects maybe could be done, and beneficial, but for simplicity, I don’t write about it now.

Hello @Czaja,

I see your point, but isn’t this something which can be achieved defining if the input curve is going to affect a whole style (your “linked” option) or just a single object(your “embedded” option)?

Przykladowe VA Objects.3dm (2.7 MB)
by style example.val (48.4 KB)
By Style example.gh (12.8 KB)

Ok, this can be done “By Style”, but working with very odd objects - objects with the same insertion points. I can’t even move them, I need to pick a new curve boundary. In my opinion, these VA Objects are extremely inconvenient.

*This is how it works in comparison to my “Linked” proposition. A lot of clicking.

Example with no insertion point, the curve is not cutting because the operation is expected in another place (underlying borders of rectangles are on XY Origin) At least placing of these objects was normal, just clicking in the desired spots

About embedded:
Now I can “directly” modify the input cutting curve in a given Object without re-picking input, but come on, not by recreating one-by one coordinates of control points making curve.

I would rather see it this way (just a quick idea):
Double-clicking on the VA Object, now lets you change the parameters of the VA Object, and it’s ok but maybe it should also enter some edit mode with the embedded geometry inputs - similar isolation mode as when editing Blocks.

Hi @Czaja,

I think “linked” properties could be a great addition to VisualARQ. I liked it so much that I’ll try to make a prototype soon based on your style. I think this feature shouldn’t be complicated to implement.

On the contrary, I have my doubts about the “embedded” properties. I think we can add “control points” to non-linked properties, so you can edit the input directly without the need to re-assign it. Do you think this would be enough?



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I’m glad that it makes sense :wink:

Embedded is a little tricky for me to describe.
What you mean by adding control points might do what I had in mind.

After all, right now, every time you re-pick the input it gets “Embedded” - the only problem is that there is no easy way to edit it (on objects placed in different places), and also there is no Extract Solids equivalent command which could help to readjust per object inputs.

Highlighting the current problem

Thinking about good examples Subtract & Add Solids came to my mind. You can look on VA Object and (per object) Input geometry the same as on VA Wall and Add/Subtract Solid.

If you move the wall, subtracted/added solids move together with the wall. They can be shown and to some extend edited in the new place. This is very intuitive!

Good example of how it might work for the inputs.

I think my thoughts on Embedded boils down to that - it should be as it is with the walls and solids.

*Only that editing walls and solids could be a bit more direct and comfortable at times, what one user pointed here. But that’s a detail for later.