Undo Subtract Solids in VisualARQ

Is it possible to undo a Subtract Solids action after doing more actions? I am looking something like untrim holes command.

Hello @Iro_Stefanaki,

Yes, you can use the _vaExtractSolids command to extract the solid:

Extract solid

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I’ve encountered a problem while using Rhino/Visual ARQ, and I’m hoping someone can help me resolve it.
I made a mistake by using the “Extract Solid” command on a wall containing multiple types of openings. What happened was that it removed the framing of the openings, leaving holes in the wall. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this right away and proceeded to execute other commands.
Now, I’m left with a persistent issue: there are voids in my wall, and I’m unable to modify them. The openings seem to be integrated into the wall, and I can’t find any way to edit or delete them. I even attempted to delete the entire wall and recreate it, but the holes remain active.
I’m stuck and unsure of how to proceed. Has anyone encountered a similar situation or have suggestions on the best course of action?

Are these voids created with a solid subtraction or with the “Opening” object?
If you run the vaExtractSolids command, you will recover the solids used to create the voids and get the original shape of the wall (if that is your case). If you used the Opening object instead (vaOpening), you can just add a frame component to the style you are using, and that way you will be able to select these openings and move or delete them. Check this post: How can I create and select openings? - VisualARQ

It was simply an opening with a thin frame. When I executed the “Extract Solid” command on the wall, it made my previous opening disappear, leaving an unmodifiable hole. There’s currently no way to select it again. Thank you for your assistance. I have verified on a previous model, and indeed, it was the “Extract Solid” command that removed the opening and rendered it unmodifiable. thank you for your assistance

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