Is it possible to set different line weights for layouts on Mac?

Ive seen it be done on windows but on my Mac I don’t have the column ‘Layout print width’ …? Does the Mac version just not have this ability?


Hi Phil -

That column might have become unchecked somehow?


Hi Wim, that looks like rhino8… do you know how to pull up that check list on r7?


Hi Phil -

Sorry, I didn’t notice the tag.
That check list is not available on Rhino 7, but the column should be there:


I did find the check list… but no option to tick for layout line width…

a screen shot taken from a you tube tutorial… see the two columns, one to adjust model print width and the other to adjust the print width independently in the layout

Hi Phil -

Yes, on macOS before Rhino 8, there were two completely different layer panels: one for model space and one for paper space.

On Windows and in Rhino 8 for both platforms, there’s a single layer panel.

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Ahhh ok yes I see, thank you Wim!!

It can be easy to get snagged on these little differences between windows and Mac sometimes … good now that both versions look the same in rhino 8, smart move.

rhino is the best!