Add icon on popup menu

I wanted to add a button on popup menu. However, I couldn’t get the icon image automatically. I thought if I copy&paste a command, the associated icon image would be copied over as well. On popup menu, it showed blank. I had to shit+right click on an existing button from the full tool bar in order to export the bitmap (couldn’t find where original icons are saved); then import back on the popup menu editor. This is quite involved. I initially thought I could just drag a button from toolbar to pupup editor menu. Is there something I am missing? Is there an easier way to add icon bitmap on the popup menu?

Hello - is the goal ito copy a button from one toolbar to another?


basically yes, I’m looking for an easy way to add a button to pupup menu–hopefully drag&drop. The way I have been doing is:

  1. create a new button for the popup
  2. copy a command and paste in the popup menu edit window
  3. export an existing icon bitmap from an existing button from the full toolbar menu.
  4. import the icon bitmap in the popup menu edit window.

All these could be replaced with simply dragging an existing button to popup menu edit window?

Hello - to copy a button from one toolbar to another , hold Ctrl and left-click and drag the button to its destination.


Thank you very much. Exactly what I wanted.
One thing to note is in case other people have the same question, it cannot be dragged into the popup menu. The popup menu first needs to be docked in; then a button can be Ctrl+dragged. After that, the popup menu can be undocked to only appear with the mid click.