Popup Toolbar No Image on New Buttons

I’ve been using the popup toolbar for a while now and I love it. When I add a new button, like the highlighted one in the photo(BooleanUnion), I would like to add an image to the command, possibly the image that is already assigned to the command by rhino, but the only option I get is to draw the icon/image. Is it possible to assign the same image that Rhino uses for a specific command like the join and explode commands you can see in the image, instead of having an empty space?


In the editor for the image. In the top menu you have the option to copy an image or paste you or grab a portion of the screen.
So you could edit an existing button image and use copy to copy it. Than paste it in the new button.

Another easier way is to copy the entire button and only edit the macro and texts.


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Thank you very much for your help, I used the grab option in the image editor to grab a portion of my screen. And how would I go with copying the entire button in case I need it in the future?

Hold CRTL key while with your mouse above a button’you get the option to Copy (with lmb) or Link ( with rmb)

Check the last section on ‘Using toolbar buttons’ on this page:


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