Add direct shape - Material Cut Pattern not displayed

Is there a way (or will there in the future) to display the cut pattern in sectioned Rhino generated solids?

I would prefer this to object or category overrides.
I observed the same issue when directly importing rhino geometry in Revit.

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It seams a limitation in DirecrShape itself in Revit.
A workaround may be using Family.New component to create a Family and then instantiate a type of that family using FamilyInstance.ByLocation.
To assign materials an other style properties like materials you will need to use FamilyElement.ByBrep.

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I wonder how you managed to put it into Walls category?

Make sure the directshape element is categorized correctly for the element category that you want. Here is an example of a DirectShape sphere that is categorized as a wall and is being cut and hatched correctly

Hi @eirannejad,
Can you do that sections with patterns without overriding graphics? Only based on assigned material? Or exactly reproduce what @guido did? I can’t do any of these things…

Kike proposed making it as a Family to overcome one limitation, but as shown on my screenshot I got Category error.

This is working for me RiR 2020
have a play

Actually you are right @Czaja. New Family no longer accepts Walls as a category.
Gen models, mass, columns and furniture work fine but others return that error. Not sure if it’s the latest RiR release or Revit 2020 because I’ve updated both since.

Ideas? (13.0 KB)

It works! cool!