Add direct shape - Material Cut Pattern not displayed

Visibility of the family elements is controlled by the object styles. I haven’t seen any examples where creating a direct shape in a family give you control over the section hatch though.

Thanks, I think that’s what he was hinting at, but maybe I misunderstood - will try it just to be sure. Either way I would like to know what controls whether hatch pattern can appear when an object is cut - DirectShapes can be cut, so what stops them from being “CutWithHatchPattern”.

Would you share the python script? Some lines are missing and I cannot fix it.


Sure thing. (6.9 KB)

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Hi @eirannejad,this method works quite good, the only problem i get which i cannot solve right now is that, the overridden hatch of the geometry coming from the directshape is not the same of the hatch given to the correspondin material in the native revit family.

If i get the directshape in rhino as Floor, and do the override pattern, the Native revit floor will look different. Specifically the thickenss of the directshape element, when cut will look thicker than the native revit Floor element. any hint?

Federico, Can you post a screen shot? Thanks

Sure here it is.

above is the native Revit floor
below is the directshape floor.

as you can see they have different graphic settings, even if they have the same hatch type. is that something that i am missing out? Shouldn´t the override be equal in the same way for all the elements in the Floor category?

That line weight is controlled by the Floors Object Style Globally. Revit isn’t giving us a lot of options in this regard.