Surface and Cut Patterns on Revit Direct Shapes


Is it possible to implement the ability for geometry passed from Rhino to Revit as Direct Shapes to show the surface and cut patterns assigned in it’s material?

Currently Direct Shapes only seem to take on the line pattern.



Currently the DirectShapes don’t follow the cut pattern properties of the material definition but they do follow the surface pattern settings:

However, you can sub-categorize the Directshape using the “Create SubCategory” component and then use the visibiity graphics to apply solid or other cut patterns:

This seems to be a Revit limitation and not an RIR issue

Hi again Ehsan, I have tried your example but my Subcategories does not have the option to override the cut pattern. It only allows the overriding of the Cut lines so I have to override the whole Category(Wall, Structural Framing) to have a Cut Pattern on my direct shape. What if I have multiple subcategories with different materials. How then can I apply distinct cut patterns to distinct materials? Thank you.

Yeah it seems like it a ‘bug’ with DirectShapes in Revit. See this thread