Add degrees option to Arc component angle input?


Might be handy…

Edit - on the same subject, the Arc component outputs an arc length - which shows up in a panel as n * Pi and not a float… I would like to be able to see this in decimal for easier quick understanding of the value. But the n * Pi seems to pass right through most of the routines I tried using to “force” a decimal : multiplying by 1, adding 0, Absolute value, etc…

Ahh, it’s only if it’s an even multiple of 0.5 * pi…

Thanks, --Mitch

(David Rutten) #2

The angle input on arc is actually a domain, not a single value. At the moment only single value parameters can be made into ‘Angle’ parameters.

You can change the way numbers are formatted in the preferences, both values very close to integers and values very close to multiples of half pi can be special cased.


OK, thanks David, didn’t know that!