Number component which calculates angles - default in de grees (instead of angles)


I have a lot of numerical sums which I would like to have calculated.
The only thing is that the ‘number’ component, takes angels into account, default in radians.

This while all the sums have angle written in degrees.
I know there is a radian component, which converts radians into degrees. However, this is in my case useless because the angles are only a small part of the equations…

Any suggestions of a number components which calculates - default in degrees? (or a work around that all angles are fittet with (rad(angle))?

Here an example of a few equations :slight_smile:

2021-01-25 Calculate with default (7.1 KB)
thanks :slight_smile:

2021-01-25 Calculate with default (12.7 KB)

You might want to add more “Replace text” if you can have uppercase Cos/Sin/Tan situations, or atan/cotan/etc/etc…


for what is is worth but without any guaranty, a way could be to make an equation parser and say that Trigonometric function needs Degree and not radians. So I tweak a program I did many years ago in c++ then convert it in C#.

Here the results


Ahh thank you, very smart.
That all ( --> (( and )–> )) is very smart. (it sometimes adds and extra (not necessary (( but this does not matter because the number of ( and ) are always equal.

plus with the replace text multiple component of wombat it is possible replace all text items in only 1 component!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Ahh thank you,
It looks like it is doeing exactly the trick :).

However I also read some uncertainties, And because I am not a C++ expert I can really check it myself unfortunately.

For this reason I used answer of Riccardo to be honest.

But thank you anyways! :slight_smile: