Add Autochain to loft (like with sweep)

In cases where you don’t want to join curves (or where you are referencing polysurface edges), it would be nice to have an autochain option for the loft command, just like the sweep command. That saves lots of clicks. To me it is more versatile than having to use Selchain every once in a while, it just doesn’t warrant the use of an additional macro.

Hi @Intuos I’ve looked this up and this issue has been handled before (and won’t be changed)

According to the dev. Loft curves are equivalent to the section curves in Sweep1 and Sweep2. For these section curves there is no Autochain option either, and here you will need to use _Chain as well if you want to ‘join’ curves on the fly.

Okay… I don’t quite understand the reason why it couldn’t be changed from a user perspective.

I don’t understand either, but will ask

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Just to add body to this request/ the question, in Fusion 360 you always have the option to chain for lofts and sweeps, you can enable/ disable it on-demand, which can be quite useful. It’s a button you can activate and use throughout multiple commands. To me, Rhino would be much more user friendly if the number of in-command commands, so to say (like selchain) could be reduced.

Am I understanding right that you can use chain to select more curves together as sweep sections or loft sections?

@skysurfer yes but it’s not very practical imo unless you have to do it only for one of the sections. For each section you will have to type _Chain

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Make sense and yes isn’t really practical.
The question is if it works why we can’t have this as command option?

That was also my question :stuck_out_tongue:

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