Is there script for multiple loft?

Is there script for multiple loft??

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Hi Rumi - none that I know of - how would this work? Presumably pre-selection would not work, so you’d be prompted for several series of curves, picked in order and with something like an Enter or similar between sets, not very different from running Loft again…


What are you trying to do? The main issue here is - since a loft can have any number of sections - how to distinguish what curves belong to which loft…


I would like to see it work the same way as Chain Edges in a Sweep. I have many occasions where I split a domed surface, then move one of the surfaces above or below. The loft between the surfaces to make walls. A lot of the time the edges are not complete, so I end up lofting 2, 3 or more times. Does this make sense?

I do not see it working for 2 curves here and 2 curves there for example.

Just my 2¢ … Randy

Hi Randy - this seems like sort of the opposite- using multiple contiguous curves as inputs to to be used as a single curve for a single loft, am I reading that right?


Hi Pascel - yes that is where I would fine it useful. It probably is opposite of what was originally asked.

See attached file. Loft to make walls in one go.


Loft Test.3dm (631.4 KB)

Looking again, I could just do a sleep in my exemple. It is probably a case of using the wrong tool for the job. So not sure about multiple lofts.