Adaptive urban design

Hello everyone,
i am using GH for a while now but i am definitely not an expert, and far from knowing all plugins and possibilities.
i want to create a GH script that will adapt a structure to any parcel (without considering topography) the structure will adapt to the urban limitations (height, property limits offset etc…).
So what i am looking for here is a little of direction, some background about what has already been done .
and any tips about what should i read, what can i write as search words on Google, examples and references etc.
Many thanks,

Sounds relatively simple to achieve! As long as you have the property limits as for instance a closed curve and the other parameters ready to go, you could simply offset it inwards and extrude to a desired height to get something like a possible building envelope or volume, if that makes sense.
The more external parameters you introduce, the more interesting and detailed the volume could get.
You could then come up with a second part that develops a building within that volume. Doing something like a skyscraper could potentially be rather simple, since all you need for a basic building are some levels and a facade. Other buildings can be more challenging, but don’t have to. It all depends on what you want to do.

thank you for replying,
i was planing to do something in this direction (using the property limits- offsetting - extruding etc),
but as i am not an expert and doesn’t know all the possibilities i decided to check on the forum.
i want to do something in 2 steps -

  1. a structure adapted to the parcel limits.
  2. making different groups of modules by the surface of the building (meaning different possibilities of apartments )

OK, so you could produce the maximum envelope from the parcel limits. Then maybe aggregate different apartment options with Wasp?

Here’s a neat tutorial on how to produce aggregations inside a volume:

thanks alot