Creating series of rectangles which different lengths

Hi there, I have attempted to create a series of cut outs along a building facade, which has worked. However I am wanting to know if there is a way for the rectangles to get shorter in length the higher they get. Currently they are all the same length, meaning they don’t fit within the facade properly. I am wanting the slits to fit within the trapezoid shape the facade demonstrates. The blue line on the image is an indication of what I am trying to achieve.

I hope this makes sense. I have attached my grasshopper file below.
trapezoid building (16.1 KB)


Firstly, that is a very convoluted way of creating the shell (panel by panel; creating one, then rotating and mirroring them into position) Consider using the the polygon perimeter shape, lofting it scaled to a particular height, and then giving the shell thickness.

To get your window slats to taper, retrieve the perimeter of a panel as a curve, and on the basis of that boundary, formulate the slats openings in the slanted elevated view. Then extrude them in the direction of the thickness of the panel before solid differencing.

Hi Volker thanks for your quick reply, I’m just trying to do your suggestion with the polygon component. I have managed to form the shell, however I am struggling to figure out how to add thickness?

I am also unsure of what you mean when you mention to retrieve the perimeter of a panel as a curve and on the basis of that boundary, formulate the slats openings in the slanted elevated view.

Post the file with your loft?

trapezoid building (18.9 KB)

I had in the meantime recreated the shell. :sweat_smile: It looks a little more complicated, because I had assumed that you might want to define the shape by incline angle instead of the radii for the bottom and top polygons… The group denotes where you got by lofting. The compenents after that show how you get the panel boundaries and plane. I unfortunately have other things to do at the moment. I can look at it later.

trapezoid building test (29.2 KB)

Hi Volker,

Unfortunately I am finding it too difficult to understand what the next steps are in terms of adding thickness and the tapered slats. Since I have only just started grasshopper I am only at the level of following Youtube Videos to learn. However thank you for your help !

trapezoid building test (34.2 KB)

Okay. Sorry. Then the above will be too complicated for you to understand. However, I could simplify things for you to your level of understanding. Would you like that?

@Louisa_Devoti, here’s another one of the many ways of approaching this.

Creating the basic shape is not too complex.

Got a bit long winded creating the slits but nothing too complex. Perhaps a bit heavy on DataTrees for a beginner but it’s a topic that needs to be learned in order to be proficient with grasshopper. (15.9 KB)