Adapt Surface

How can i raise or deepen a given surface (blue) to another geometry (yellow)? As shown in this drawing:

Hello, not very clear your question is ! Read recommandations

Is it Grasshopper generated ?
Or Rhino and you want to move with GH ?

Most of the movement of geometry can be done with Point Deform

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As Laurent said, not a very clear question. This could be one of million solutions. It’s depending on how you want to achieve it. (12.6 KB)

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Thanks a lot tim. Your Definition was exactly what i have been looking for. And sorry for the unclear problem.

I implemented your definition to my university project. In the next step i would like to convert the selected brep into a solid witch reaches down to the base plane:

I know this is a newbie question but maybe you can help me once more. I also added the .gh file of my project. Its about randomly furnish a room but where the furniture isnt a barrier. A new floor will be created witch then shifts to the furniture and creates a new topography in the room.
Just if you are interested. (36.7 KB)
180114_room_topography.3dm (29.0 KB)

If you want a planar bottom you can do this. If not, just extrude the brep in z direction. (14.4 KB)

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Yes i want a planar bottom.
Thank you again. You helped a lot :smiley: