Actual Linetype width is double the value specified

When testing out the Linetypes function it seems that the width setting is being applied as a bidirectional offset resulting in a line width 2x the expected value.

Tested in both model and layout views, from a new file based on the Small Objects - Millimeters.3dm template.

Rhino 8 SR0 2023-10-24 (Rhino 8 BETA, 8.0.23297.13303, Git hash:master @ 4368ce4c82870d4ce7b0ef004198da23d48ffe5f)

Hi Levi -

Thanks. This one is weird…
RH-78031 Annotation: Linetype: (Sometimes) double width on windows

The results are even stranger with the “Print Width” / “Layout Print Width” controls. Enabling print preview shows them as approximately 2.5x larger

The exported PDF artwork has line widths that are about 2x (exported using line width Scale by = 1.00).

Trying to solve the PDF linewidth was my entry point into the issue, but was harder to describe and reproduce :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hi Levi -

Rhino 8 was fundamentally changed to support line widths in model and paper space without having to resort to print previews. The old system is still in place to support legacy files but, for new projects in Rhino 8, I’d recommend staying away from print widths and print preview.

Are you planning to remove the legacy way of doing it with PrintPreview?

Hi Mich -

There are no such plans, no.
New and better features are typically piled on top of old legacy stuff just because someone is always bound to react when that goes missing…

Hi Wim

I’m having real trouble to print with width correctly

3 rectangles (curves) set in 3 1st default layers (1 2 3)
Line width set to 0.5
They are printed correctly

Created - Out of those 3 curves - 6 blocks
1st set of blocks, all curves are set in default layer, color and line width “by parent”
2nd set of blocks, all curves are set in their current layer 1 2 3, color and line width “by layer”
NONE of those blocks are printed with a 0.5 width

been practicing cad a certain amount of time, but still New to Rhino
Something wrong with my workflow ?
KK.3dm (318.3 KB)

Please help

I see had marked this as possibly fixed, but I can report the issue still occurs on 8.3.24009.15001, 2024-01-09