Achieving a smooth 3D tessellation of regular tetrahedra and octahedra

Hello everyone,

I am interested in achieving a 3D tessellation of regular tetrahedra and regular octahedra that is as smooth as possible (although not completely smooth) towards my target geometry.

My motivation for this project comes from observing the various types of tessellations that can be achieved in three-dimensional space. I am curious to know if these geometries can generate their own Minecraft worlds within their respective systems, similar to cubic honeycomb structures.

I have explored some papers that use marching cubes and marching tetrahedrons techniques. However, I noticed that these methods often involve adjusting vertices and weights within the system to form new faces. These new faces, however, differ from the original system, such as triangular faces appearing in marching cubes.

Plz guide me on how to proceed. Thank you!

here is the file I’m working on so far :slightly_smiling_face:
voxel_method_T& (155.9 KB)

I think the plugin Wasp could be of help:

with dozens of videos and a dedicated Discord server