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Here @andy can you use this Category Desc?

The Octane Category for Rhino3D is for tips and support for using the Octane Plugin for Rhino, or specific techniques that improve Rhino’s use when exporting or importing .obj meshes and Octane materials to/from the Standalone Octane Renderer.

Paul Kinnane (paulphysicalc) is the Octane for Rhino Plugin Developer.

Before you request help, READ THIS from Paul and search the OTOY Rhino forums too.

This forum it is not for help in using the Octane Standalone Renderer, except as it applies to importing back into Rhino.

For help with the Standalone version of Octane, OTOY has very active forums at: Octane Commercial Support Forums
As well as good sub-forums on using the Rhino Plugin. “face_off” is Paul on the OTOY forums.