About adding picture as a Blueprint


I have been modelling car body on Rhino6, however, I have some problems on adding picture as a blueprint.

I add blueprints as 3 views , but top point of roof does not match at each views.So perhaps I make some mistakes on adding blueprints.

Is there anybody who can help me?

if you use the Picture command or Pictureframe in V5 you can use as many references as you want and align them as normal objects in the workspace. I use to align them in one view first and then rotate each one as I need.

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Depending on how the ‘blueprint’ images were made, they might not all be the correct scale - if they were scanned or photographed from paper drawings, they might even be stretched or distorted. So you may have to scale each image individually using some known reference dimension. It is possible you will need to scale some of them 1D to stretch or shrink them; rotate them slightly; and perhaps even turn on the control points and adjust those to correct skew or other distortions.

As you see there are some dimensions and all views have been scaled (top,right and front) on drawing by according to dimensions.
Do I need to add all views to the specified view and then rotate others?

this tutorial is in spanish but you can see how I align blueprints even without any dimension, just proportions:

Thank you!