BluePrint set up

hi Guys, thought i would share something i found, this may already be an accepted way of doing this but in all the tutorials i have seen it isn’t,
I have been trying to model Automobiles from blueprints for quite sometime, the part i hate is the setting up the blueprints, so much so that i usually get fed up and do something else, so the other day i was watching a guy modeling a car and he was talking about the picture frame, so curiosity getting the better of me i went and looked, typed in the command line and presto a window popped up, asking for an image file, had a nice DB9 blueprint, with all projections on one single image,so i opened that, and there it was, the Picture mapped onto an object the same size as the picture, why oh why can’t other packages do that, upon further examination i discovered that it could be treated the same as any other object, so i thought let’s see if what I’m hoping happens will happen, i drew a border round the cars top view of the blueprint and then typed in trim, picked the poly line as the cutting object and pressed enter, when i then clicked the picture frame the part outside the poly line box disappeared, leaving the top car view alone and perfectly centered and only the top view of the car blueprint, no resizing at all, i then started again, this time copying the picture frame 3 times setting up single line guides and naming 4 layers as top side front and back, once all the picture frames were trimmed according to their requisite views and moved to the appropriate layer, all those layers could then be locked, leaving a very accurate working environment to create real world objects

Hi Michael- you can make this process a little cleaner by using Split with all your rectangles in place and then just delete the ‘outer’ part. You might also cut the image up in a photo editor and place the views individually, either with PictureFrames or with BackgroundBitmap, as needed.