Ability to ESC from commands that take long time processing - consistency


I was wondering why there is many commands that would allow to ESC out of the processing if it takes too long or the input was too complex to process (i.e. Split) and there are others that will just freeze Rhino forever (writing this while CurveBoolean by mistake was given a huge amount of curves…most likely will need to restart Rhino). Would it be possible, in a long run, to have all the commands ‘cancel-able’ ?



In general, whether esc works on a command has to do with if it is possible to code it that way and if the developer did so. I just tested Esc with CurveBoolean using 10,000 overlapping curves and it escaped fine in v5 SR11. Can you explain more about where you can’t use escape in the process? Maybe send the file into tech@mcneel.com too if it’s too large for the forum.

I’ll file a request to enable escape for any command that doesn’t currently allow for it and the developers will take a look. Just send the file and specific steps to reproduce the problem… thanks!

Hi Brian,

I have sent the file to tech@mcneel.com, with a brief explanation. thanks!


Thanks Jarek! I replied through tech and filed the issue.