Offset curve on the surface freezes Rhino (1 of 10)


I’m using a lot in this period, the command offset curve on the surface . It happens very often (1 to 10) that after you click the curve and the Rhino surface is forcing blocks to a forced exit. I’m working with 4 open files (each about 450 MB). If I copy the surface and the curve and paste it into a new file, the command will always work. So I conclude that there is a memory problem. The question is: because when a command block Rhino, the esc command does not allow an output (since the apapre window that says this: “esc awards to exit.”

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Hi Simon - it would be interesting to know if the command fails with only one the large files open, or if it is somehow related to multiple documents being open as well.



Hi @pascal

I will check this immediately and tomorrow will update the post.
thank you




From what little I could try (a longer test is not possible for me) the problem has only presented with multiple open files. Using the command with only one file, it has happened that was NOT done (but I think this may NOT be connected). Note that work with multiple open files is crucial for me, not to do so would make little use Rhino.
Update: After yet another block, I reopened the only pricipale files and repeated the command. The rhino block was repeated, and I had to make a further forced exit.
With 2 opened files I managed to close the blocked files by clicking the “traffic light” red. On the other files, the window that appeared when the block remains.
Unfortunately I can not provide the files that work for further investigation.


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Hi Simon - thanks for the details - If you cannot share the files, if you can, export a curve and a surface that you’ve seen cause the problem and send me those via private message - that will at least be something to look at.




Hi @pascal

The problem occurs only when working with the entire file (at least 450mb). Example: the entire polysurfaces, I extract a surface and use the command “offset curve on the surface” and sometimes fails. The problem is not caused by the surface and the curve individually, but by the curve and the surface along with the rest of the file. As I wrote in the first post, if I export (or do I copy paste) the surface in a new file, it definitely works.
If I can provide additional information, while the problem is, I have the impression that in the presence of a “large file” Rhino has sometimes difficult to “manage” the offset command. In particular, after selecting the curve and the direction on the surface, using the option “through point” Rhino does not recognize the point due to the presence of many surfaces, and polysurfaces.


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Thanks, I’ll try to reproduce it.