A simple question - how to chage the display size of point in grasshopper

Dear All, I have a que abt the display size of point in grasshopper. I can not find a menu to control their size so sometimes the points block other info of the model. Is there any way I can minimun the display size to make a clearer image? (like below)

image —my screen
image — tutorial screen


Hi, thanks! I know this menu. while when I zoom out, the point size cannot be changed seem denser, like image below, that make inconvinience view effect like below. May I know how to solve this prob? thanks
image --zoom in
image --zoom out

Is not possible to draw points using a size measured in world space, only screen space. And even in screen space the only way to change the size is to use a Symbol Display component.

Ps. It’s not impossible in principle, but there’s no option or component in vanilla grasshopper to do it. You’ll need either a script component or a plugin if someone wrote one for this.

Thanks a lot for your reply :slight_smile:

The Kangaroo Dot component is a quick fix/workaround for the chunky default point size (they were smaller in Rhino 5, which is likely where your tutorial is from). And the Symbol Display as David mentions, which takes a bit more setup, but is really versatile (and lovely):

201030_DrawingDots_00.gh (8.3 KB)

Hi, Anders. thanks, I am going to download and have a try of it~~!