A simple comparison between Rhino 5 and 6 - Make2D

I chose a simple file to run Make2D from both Rhino 5 and 6, and tried to get all the options as close as possible to each other. The following are links to dropbox, direct download of 11x17" PDFs

Its nothing crazy (its a “shore power” boom, for delivering power to docked vessels in a marine port) and I left hidden lines etc. off for simplicity. I downloaded Rhino 6 specifically to check out Make2D, and was actually disappointed. Not disappointed in the actual Make2D function, which is maybe 2x as fast, but there is a bigger issue for me…

I am unable to save the make2d-generated lines and successfully import them into AutoCAD as a DWG. i have zero issue with this in Rhino 5, and the inability to do this readily, in Rhino 6, means i will definitely not be upgrading on the basis of the Make2D command alone, if at all. I’m not terribly concerned with it, and this isn’t a troubleshooting post about that, really more of a demonstration of the Make2D differences.

Update - The curves generated by Rh6.0 Make2d, when exported to .dwg, are set to color by object, not by layer. my AutoCAD also recently was updated to MEP 2018, and the selected curves were not highlighting the same. Perfect storm kinda situation, but the curves DO import into AutoCAD just fine.

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@jaisongomes143 - so if I understand your last comment all’s well as far as Rhino goes, or no?


I suspect in the V6 Make2D command dialog, you have Object Properties set From input objects, and your input objects have color assigned by object.

Try Maintain source layers instead.

Any luck?