make2D to AutoCAD workflow

I’d be interested in any tips others have on getting the best export of Make2D lines from Rhino into AutoCAD. I have had varying degrees of success lately with lots of lines on top of each other and a lot of missing lines. Also, certain arc segments translate as straight line segments. My default export setting is R12 Lines & Arcs. Perhaps there’s something better?


V6 does a much better job then V5.
If I remember correctly, you’re sticking with V5?

For most things for now. This was one of the reasons I kept V6 but I’m still having some of the issues mentioned above and thought V6 might need it’s export settings tweaked.

Make2D in V6 is still not perfect, but it’s much better than V5.
You still should count on some inspection and cleanup of the output.
Don’t ever assume the curves are perfect before you send the out.