A ramp with 5 points

Hi there,
this is my first post here and I will start with a question, so hopefuly I will do everything correct :slight_smile:

I have started using Grasshopper and immediately had the first task to create a rather special ramp. Here is a screenshot from rhino:

I have some problems in creating the correct geometry, hence I will describe the task.
The ramp needs 4 control points (0, 1, 2 and 4), to control the height of the ramp which in the end gives the slope. The 3rd point is special and should be automatically calculated depending on the height of point 2 and 4 and their corresponding distances to point 3. I have connected all the points and then did a trim of the surface with the curve from below.

Rampe.gh (43.9 KB)

The basic shape comes from archicad as a polyline and this is the script that I have developed so far. Probably many of you will do it much easier, but as a total beginner… this is where I stand :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me with the script and especially to define a single surface out of 5 points (currently I have two surfaces!). Also how can I make this shape a solid (currently the sides are open). For tips and hints I will be very thankful…

…and my Grasshopper journey sowly beginns…

We do not get the original curve in the definition. If you go to the Curve Param in your definition and right-click Internalized data on that component it will store the original curve there. Then send the definition to us.

Also, can you construct the ramp manually in Rhino? Many times doing it manually will show what needs to be done in Grasshopper. It also can be used to see the final goal.

Also, what are the layout lines needed to calculate point 3 location? Grasshopper can do the same once the layout lines are shown.

I did as you asked, so hopefuly you should be able to see the original curve.
Rampe_internalize.gh (31.9 KB)

The Curve comes from Archicad as a shape, and that is the idea of constructing it, respectively having the possibility to manipulate with the shape in the future (in Archicad). That is the reason why the ramp way not constructed in Rhino.

I don’t quite understand what you mean with layout lines. Mathematicaly it should be considered as a point along a slope, where the distance is known (to point 4 and 2), whereas the height should be calculated depending where is the location.
For point 3 I tried to calculated the height of Point 2 and 4 and divide it by /2, but this formula does not show the correct height point 3, since not necessarily sits at half way (x/2). I will need to think how to input a math formula to calculate the correct height…