A place for Rhino Gems and Unconventional Behaviour section: workaround solution to known bugs that won't fix?

Unconventional Behaviour section

Is just an idea to Forum developer.

Since Rhino has a lot of unconvential behaviour that is not documented but is actually posted in the forum with relative good solution or workaround, I wish a place where to find and read this Rhino Gems!

I reported a bug that won’t fix RH-54785
Or I like this particular developer answer to what I presume was a missing feuter[RH-54786].
Now I wish to make a clean and compact trade showing the problem and solution for each individual issue. But in the general forum can be lost.

Since these problems and respectively workaround solutions can be easily forgotten after a decade,
What about making a dedicated usability tips section?

Can be useful as a central place where we place the known solution to a problem altogether. Useful when the user know a problem and the solution. Must be altogether in one tread. Like the clean version of a particular thread. So after we make the thread, we report the bug, we find the solution; We make this Tip as the final clean result. For documentation or more like for a compact Blog.

Similar to StackOverflow but how make the question is an advance user that must include the answer. In this way prevent wrong questions and wrong question example to prevent what is happening for example in answers.unity.com (Strange questions with the different answer)

So simplifies new users for searching workarounds to a solution in the forum. It can be liked to the documentation as an extension. And let expert users discover new tips, advance solutions and hiding usability behaviours or strange characteristics. Becuse Rhino since is an old product and complex has a lot of this stage characteristics.

A Rhino Gems, Blog Tips, Unconventional Behaviour section (gold mine) where an advance user explains and document a behaviour solution in a compact way.