A non-random alternative to Pop 3D?

dear grashopper experts,

i am trying to find a way to generate a look-a like voronoi 3d-structure without using populate 3d to generate points. i basicly need a tool to generate points in a certain way without them being rectangular and all “the same”

my goal is to creaty a soap bubble like structure with is supposed to be as parametric as possible aka NOT RANDOM.
every point has to be set for a reason but should also be able to move and change its position in a parametric way.
i have tried to use the voronoi cell tool. my plan was to generate boxes in with the voronoi cell is set, but it was hard to find the “neighbour” points on the edges of each box without the voronoi cell being recangular. besides that the cells /the edges should be toughing each other in some way (like soap bubbles do…)

so: is there a way to generate boxes inside of a bounding box, which are in different sizes? is it possible to generate the needed points of those boxes to make a voronio cell in each of them which are touching each other? or is there a better/ different approach?

thanks to all of you for your help! i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

210421_dg_wohneinheiten-geschosse_vorozelle_andereschaltung.pdf (34.9 KB)