Choose random points in populate 3D box

Im new in Grasshopper. I wanted to create random bubbles in a 3D box with the 'Populate 3D.
So I do not want choice exactly a point inside - just really random.
But can not find anywhere a function for it.
I just wanna create random shape bubbles inside of the box (like in my drawing)
Is there any other solution to do it ?
hope someone can help me !

Populate 3D generates points, not numbers. Try integer ‘Seed’ values in the range 0 to 300.

Center Box expects a ‘Base’ plane (default is ‘World XY’), not a vector.

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thanks at first! I changed that,
but I did the Unit Z, to make my virtual box at Z_0 thats why

I think you don’t understand…

maybe, guess so.
would be kindful if u can explain me that better :sweat:


thankk u so much :innocent: !!! I really was lost :sweat:

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